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Quoted in The Wall Street Journal: Honeywell’s Formula for Success in China

Honeywell was a pioneer in a localization approach that has since become something of a template for a number of other multinationals doing business in China, according to James McGregor, the head of consulting firm APCO Worldwide’s China business…. It is becoming harder for multinationals to avoid controversy. “What looks…

Quoted in Management Today: “What China Wants”

In practice, “dual circulation” seems aimed just as much at opening the door to foreign companies in order to make them dependent on China, increasing Beijing’s leverage over the rest of the world. “China aims to make international companies allies in pushing back against their own governments’ anti-China actions,” says…

Interviewed in AmChamChina: “Past, Present, and Future: McGregor Shares His Perspectives on US-China Relations”

James McGregor, the recipient of the most recent AmCham China Pioneer award, spoke to the AmCham China Quarterly about what it means to him to receive the award, his involvement in AmCham China over the years, the current state of US-China relations, and what he’s keeping an eye on for 2021.

Quoted in Bloomberg: “Elon Musk Loves China, and China Loves Him Back—for Now”

Under Xi’s economic strategy, “foreign companies are going to have pretty good opportunities, but they have to be aware that the ultimate plan is for all the advanced technologies to be Chinese,” says James McGregor, the chairman for Greater China at government relations firm Apco Worldwide. “I hope that Elon…

Quoted in The Atlantic: “The Undoing of China’s Economic Miracle”

Thus Xi’s priorities have turned inward. “He is feeling under siege,” James McGregor, the chairman of the China arm of the consulting firm APCO Worldwide, told me. Chinese officials “are eliminating all vulnerabilities to the outside world, or reducing them as much as they can.”

Quoted in The Wire China: “The Red Capitalist”

“The reason why Jack Ma and others could build enormous Internet companies is because the Party had no idea what they were doing,” says McGregor. “They became famous globally and made China look very good, but then the Party had to figure out how to get their arms around them.”…

Authored Piece for the Hinrich Foundation: “China’s dual circulation policy narrows foreign business opportunities”

“The details of the Fifth Plenum in Beijing are important for diplomats, academics and China hands. But foreign companies should focus on the outlines of the 14th five-year plan that are emerging, in particular the impact of China’s “dual circulation” policy.”