One Billion Customers

One Billion Customers: Lessons From the Front Lines of Doing Business in China

A Wall Street Journal Book published by Free Press and Simon & Schuster

Widely considered the bible for anybody doing business in China, One Billion Customers shows how to navigate the often treacherous waters of Chinese deal making. Brilliantly written by an author who has lived in China for nearly two decades, the book reveals indispensable, street-smart strategies, tactics, and lessons for succeeding in the world’s fastest growing consumer market. Foreign companies rightly fear that Chinese partners, customers or suppliers will steal their technology or trade secrets or simply pick their pockets. Testy relations between China’s Communist leaders and the U.S. and other democracies can trap foreign companies in a political crossfire. McGregor has seen or experienced it all, and now he shares his insights about how China really works.

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“James McGregor’s knowledge of how business is done in China is extraordinary.  As a journalist and businessman, he witnessed firsthand China’s remarkable transformation in the space of two decades from a backward country to a rising economic power.  With his extensive hands-on experience in China and his formidable storytelling skills, his book, One Billion Customers,  is filled with valuable insights and advice for both knowledgeable business persons and ordinary readers interested in gaining a better understanding of China’s rapidly developing market economy.”

—Dr. Henry Kissinger

“This is a defining book on how to, and how not to, do business in China.  Jim McGregor brings to life the stories of the pioneering American entrepreneurs who, through their efforts, expertise and errors, blazed the trails for the broader business community in one of the world’s most important markets.  I strongly recommend it as must-reading for anyone with a stake, an interest or a dream in China.” —Thomas J. Donohue, President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“What makes James McGregor’s book such absorbing reading is that he asks the really big questions about China’s current economic boom: Who are China’s new entrepreneurs and how did they get so rich?  How independent are they from their own government and bureaucracy? And how and to what extent can Western companies partake of China’s new-found wealth? He gives his answers in a series of lively and admirably detailed case studies of the Chinese business world which make one smile and sigh at the same time.”
— Jonathan Spence, Sterling Professor of History at Yale and author of The Search for Modern China

Time“His book is the best to date … Our little nugget of wisdom on the China market for those wanting to do business there? Read this book.”

Business Week — “McGregor’s volume is both colorful and cautionary, offering sound prescriptions for Westerners…Those going to seek fortunes [in China] would be well advised to bring McGregor’s One Billion Customers with them.”

Barrons Best Books of 2005 — “McGregor argues that the transition from the Cultural Revolution and the subsequent scramble for capitalistic wealth has scarred China and left it in desperate need of overcoming lingering barriers to growth.”

China Business Review — “In short, McGregor has written a book about doing business in China that seems destined to become a classic.”

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