Authored Piece for the Hinrich Foundation: “China’s dual circulation policy narrows foreign business opportunities”

“The details of the Fifth Plenum in Beijing are important for diplomats, academics and China hands. But foreign companies should focus on the outlines of the 14th five-year plan that are emerging, in particular the impact of China’s “dual circulation” policy.”

Quoted in The Christian Science Monitor: “Fueling US-China Clash, Years of Disconnects”

“China’s own actions have effectively turned many in the business community and both U.S. political parties against China,” says James McGregor, chairman of the greater China region for APCO Worldwide, a global consulting firm.

Quoted in The Wire China: “Inside Man”

“[Robert L. Kuhn] has become a chronicler of this regime, and an apparently uncritical one,” McGregor says. “And perhaps that’s helpful because it allows us to understand what the regime thinks of itself.” Inside Man

Quoted in The New York Times: Trump’s China Deal Creates Collateral Damage for Tech Firms

Jim McGregor, the chairman of Greater China for APCO Worldwide, said the trade war and other restrictions were already shaping investment decisions by American technology companies. When deciding where to put their money next, many companies have quietly been looking to invest outside the United States to secure access to China.

Quoted in Bloomberg: “Xi’s Wider Fight With U.S. Is Only Just Beginning After Trade Deal”

“This trade deal is a good thing if it can reduce tension,” said James McGregor, China chairman of APCO Worldwide, which advises foreign companies. “But only time will tell if it puts us on a path to finding a way for two incompatible development models to coexist and work together. That is something way beyond …

Quoted in Bloomberg: “Xi’s Wider Fight With U.S. Is Only Just Beginning After Trade Deal” Read More »

Quoted in Tom Friedman, The New York Times: “The World-Shaking News That You’re Missing: The U.S.-China divide isn’t just about trade.”

“There’s a very quiet debate in China in the party on who lost America,” Jim McGregor, chairman of APCO Worldwide for greater China, said during the recent Times DealBook conference discussion on China. “The extreme direction China has gone has really pushed America away.”